Monday, February 7, 2011

Aristide in Haiti?

Sunday afternoon, February 6, 2011, Haiti's international airport was tight with UN security forces.  Why?  Many say that rumors were running that Ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide finally got his passport and was returning to Haiti.

Earlier in the week, Aristide's lawyer, M. Ira Kusband, did go to Haiti with a power of attorney to obtain Aristide's passport.  At first, Haiti's Ministry of Foreign insisted that Mr Aristide makes the request personally but then accepted that he could scan the request and send it to the ministry.

Certain members of the government stated that Ex-President Jean-Claude Duvalier was able to return to Haiti with no problems.  Why is it so difficult for Aristide to do so?

Amidst all the wait, Mr Aristide did not return to Haiti last Sunday.

Was it because he did not get his passport? 
Was it because he did not get international clearance?
Or was it because he may be prosecuted if he returns to Haiti?

According to Edmond Mulet, from his last statement to a Haitian newspapers.
Edmond Mulet, Special Representative of UN Secretary General in Haiti, was keen to recall that "under the government of Mr. Aristide, there were accusations of embezzlement that led to lawsuits in the United States of America

 There have also been lawsuits against drug traffickers close to the regime, some of whom have been convicted. People have suffered violations of their rights because of state violence under his regime.

Everything leads us to believe that there will be complaints against him if he comes back and he will have to answer to justice for acts committed while he was in charge of Haiti, "said the UN diplomat . MINUSTAH and Jean Bertrand Aristide have a complicated journey.  

The first UN mission has set foot on national territory February 29, 2004, the day of departure into exile of the leader of Lavalas. "The recent elections are an opportunity for Haiti to move forward. It would not be wise hold Haiti hostage to its past. Countries evolve and Haiti has a new step that has nothing to do with the situation 30 years ago, aged 20, 15 or even 5 years, "concluded the diplomat. 

The UN has offered its assistance to Haitian government to assist it in the file in preparation of prosecution procedures against Jean-Claude Duvalier returned home on January 16 last, has also reminded Mr Edmond Mulet.

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  1. It is time to Edmond Mullet to shut up and his threats to Aristide will not scare Aristide nor his followers. He is the most popular man in Haiti now after Jean-Claude Duvalier. It is also the time to Edmond Mullet to leave Haiti for Haiti is made for Haitians. If he cannot shut up and he should leave now


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