Thursday, February 17, 2011

An incredible way to campaign: Mickey at SOBs with Clef, Pras & more...

Campaign in Haitian Elections is no more a matter of political Speeches.
Can you sing and entertain???
Watch Sweet Mickey, sorry, Michel Martelly at SOBs with Wiclef, Pras, Richard Morse and more.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wiclef and Sean Penn make peace and will back up Martelly

Rapper Wyclef Jean and actor Sean Penn, who traded insults during Clef's Haiti presidential run, have reconciled their differences.

Last year, the two became embroiled in beef during Wyclef's shortened presidential run after Penn publicly made comments strongly opposing Jean's candidacy.  The former Fugee later accused the actor of snorting cocaine during a performance with the footage of Clef going viral and only adding to the drama.

But over the weekend, the men made amends.  On Saturday (February 12), they both happened to be at a show for the Haitian band T-Vice at the New York club, BB Kings.

The former rivals reportedly locked themselves in a dressing room for 30 minutes and only emerged after they had hashed out their misunderstandings.  Later, Clef and Penn met on stage in support of Haitian presidential candidate Michel Martelly, who was also in attendance.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The assassin of Haitian journalist was a Jan 12, 2010 prison escapee

On February 10, 2011, Jean-Louis Richard Charles, a Haitian journalist whose last job was at Radio Kiskeya in Haiti, was attacked and assassinated by three robbers as he had just withdrawn 40.000 gourdes (about US $1,000.00) from a bank. Two of them had time to flee, while the latter, Jean Wilner Duperval, was shot by a plainclothes policeman.

The killer of Jean-Louis Richard Charles, known as Jean Wilner Duperval, was an escapee from prison, confirms Frantz Lerebours, spokesman for the National Police of Haiti.   The assassin had escaped from prison during the earthquake of January 12, 2010 and had a criminal record very busy, according to the Commissioner Lerebours.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aristide could be prosecuted in the US / US opposed to his return to HaitiHe

The United States does not want Jean-Bertrand Aristide returned to Haiti before the second round of the presidential election.  

The spokesman for the U.S. State Department, PJ Crowley, said the return of former Lavalas president in exile since 2004, would be a "regrettable distraction for the Haitian people" as he prepares to election on March 20.  

The Spokesman for the State Department said Wednesday that the United States "would not want to see any action that would sow division in the electoral process in Haiti."

Just as Aristide's passport has been delivered to his laywer, paving the way for his return, the heat is rising against him in the embezzlement case regarding Teleco (the old Haitian phone company) and the telephone company Integrated Device Technology (IDT), based in New Jersey.   

(Download and see official civil action #05-22852 filed against Mr Aristide, Mr Duperval and 7 others).

The then director of international affairs of Teleco, Jean Rene Duperval, suspected of involvement in the misappropriation of funds and IDT Teleco to the Turks and Caicos Islands, is due to appear before a Court of Justice in Miami (Florida) next February 28. 


Lucy Komisar, the journalist investigating this matter, indicates that a possible deal between those charged and the Justice Department may reduce their sentences and lead to Jean Bertrand Aristide. In an interview givn to a Haitian Radio station, Ms. Komisar said that those investigations are conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). 


A former top executive of the IDT, Michael Jewett, who refused to participate in the embezzlement, was fired by IDT few weeks after signing the contract with Teleco.  The investigators suggest that some of the fees collected by IDT were not transferred to the Teleco but Mount Salem, a company run by a law firm in Turks and Caicos. 
Jean Rene Duperval, who will appear before the judicial authorities by the U.S. had signed the contract authorizing the transfer of funds to a shell company in Turks and Caicos. 

Click here to download 
Official civil action #05-22852 filed against Mr Aristide, Mr Duperval and 7 others.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Michel Martelly requests a change in the electoral council before 2nd round.

On Tuesday February 8, 2001, presidential candidate of Haiti, Michel Martelly, urges that changes be made to the office of the Provisional Electoral Council ( CEP) which organized the elections on November 28, 2010, prior to the second round of elections scheduled March 20, 2011.

Mr. Martelly's request includes "changing the Chairman, the General Director and some members of the electoral apparatus in a timely manner".
The candidate also suggests measures to improve the electoral process and called for sanctions against candidates who had used firearms in the first round of elections.


 Mr. Martelly is also asking for a reduction in the number of government Ministries and the replacement of three ministers including Justice, Social Affairs and Interior

He is willing to continue the electoral process  with President René Préval beyond February 7 which was the end of his presidential term if the measures he advocates are taken into account immediately.

J.C. Duvalier cheered by thousands in Leogane

Ex-President Jean-Claude Duvalier visited on Tuesday February 8, 2011 the grave of his grandparents in Leogane, 33 km south of Port-au-Prince,  thousands of people came to cheer him.

"Some young enthusiasts and adults rushed into a small chapel, Sainte-Rose, to come see Mr. Duvalier. There are thousands, also reported a motorcycle taxi driver.

"Mr. Duvalier pray at the grave of his grandparents buried in this city that was destroyed by the earthquake of January 2010. He is going there to lay flowers at the cemetery, " told his wife, Veronique Roy, to an AFP photographer.

Simone Duvalier (c.1913 – 1997) was the wife of Haitian President François Duvalier. She was born Simone Ovide in Leogane Haiti, the daughter of a mulatto merchant and writer, Jules Faine, and Célie Ovide.

At an early age her mother gave her up, and she spent much of her childhood in an orphanage in Petionville, an exclusive suburb in the hills above Port-au-Prince. The orphans were encouraged to acquire vocational skills and Simone Ovide was trained as a nurse’s aide.

While working as a nurse she met a young doctor named Francois Duvalier. The couple was married on December 27, 1939, and had four children: Marie Denise, Nicole, Simone, and Jean-Claude, their only son.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Aristide has his passport.

The Haitian government has issued a diplomatic passport today Monday February 7, 2011 to former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, giving him the freedom to return to Haiti.

"The passport was issued Monday. All the formalities have been completed, " a Haitian 

government official said to AFP under condition of anonymity.

The passport will be given to Mr. Aristide's lawyer, Mr. Ira Kurzban, who arrived in Haiti in recent days for this purpose.

Aristide in Haiti?

Sunday afternoon, February 6, 2011, Haiti's international airport was tight with UN security forces.  Why?  Many say that rumors were running that Ex-President Jean-Bertrand Aristide finally got his passport and was returning to Haiti.

Earlier in the week, Aristide's lawyer, M. Ira Kusband, did go to Haiti with a power of attorney to obtain Aristide's passport.  At first, Haiti's Ministry of Foreign insisted that Mr Aristide makes the request personally but then accepted that he could scan the request and send it to the ministry.

Certain members of the government stated that Ex-President Jean-Claude Duvalier was able to return to Haiti with no problems.  Why is it so difficult for Aristide to do so?

Amidst all the wait, Mr Aristide did not return to Haiti last Sunday.

Was it because he did not get his passport? 
Was it because he did not get international clearance?
Or was it because he may be prosecuted if he returns to Haiti?

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