Thursday, February 17, 2011

An incredible way to campaign: Mickey at SOBs with Clef, Pras & more...

Campaign in Haitian Elections is no more a matter of political Speeches.
Can you sing and entertain???
Watch Sweet Mickey, sorry, Michel Martelly at SOBs with Wiclef, Pras, Richard Morse and more.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wiclef and Sean Penn make peace and will back up Martelly

Rapper Wyclef Jean and actor Sean Penn, who traded insults during Clef's Haiti presidential run, have reconciled their differences.

Last year, the two became embroiled in beef during Wyclef's shortened presidential run after Penn publicly made comments strongly opposing Jean's candidacy.  The former Fugee later accused the actor of snorting cocaine during a performance with the footage of Clef going viral and only adding to the drama.

But over the weekend, the men made amends.  On Saturday (February 12), they both happened to be at a show for the Haitian band T-Vice at the New York club, BB Kings.

The former rivals reportedly locked themselves in a dressing room for 30 minutes and only emerged after they had hashed out their misunderstandings.  Later, Clef and Penn met on stage in support of Haitian presidential candidate Michel Martelly, who was also in attendance.

"2 SE", Raynald Delerme's new movie Playing this Saturday Feb 19.

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